The G Protect´s mission to ensure a memorable protection and differentiated security, conducting its activity guided by the following values: initiative, commitment, loyalty, responsibility, implementation and quality.

Within this assumption, our policy is based on:

The G Protect towards Customers / Partners: We welcome and accompany our clients with proximity, actively listening to them and providing them with solutions that meet their needs and expectations, having in mind their satisfaction, recognition and loyalty.

The G Protect towards its Employees: we welcome and spread the team spirit among our Employees, to ensure their full integration into the company. We promote their personal and professional development, investing in training, coaching and awareness of his/her role in the processes/activities of the company system. We disclose what procedures to follow to fulfill their duties in a professional and safe way, with the emphasis on a intellectual and physical integrity, having in mind their health and safety  and of who they interact with, minimizing the impact on the environment.

The G Protect towards Suppliers partners: we create and develop relations of partnership and cooperation with our suppliers in logic of compliance with rules, of quality, environment, health and safety issues that we follow.

The G Protect towards the Market: We contribute to the sustainable development of economy, promoting the improvement on the quality of solutions in the sector with the logic of competitiveness and loyal complying with environmental, hygiene and safety legal requirements at work.

The G Protect commits itself in this way to fulfill the requirements (laws and regulations) applicable to its activities and continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its management system, having in mind the provision of quality security solutions as well as the prevention of pollution and prevention of injuries and safety of their domestic workers and subcontractors.







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