The permanence of our guards at the customer premises are assured that, in addition to the safeguarding of persons and property, activities resulting in them will not be disturbed by illegal-criminal actions.

The presence of the security guard is dissuasive of attitude problems, and checking that the same effects on people and goods moving by his post, there does not allow strange persons have access to installations , or objects or materials that may jeopardize the integrity of facilities and or persons.

Internally the security is also guaranteed because our guards frequently circulate throughout the area of the premises to his guard , allowing them to detect anomalies, that they, given their specific training, are able to act immediately, and if due to the same size and specificity, are unable to solve, immediately send the alarm and seek assistance to appropriate emergency services.

G PROTECT presents a varied range of solutions within the access control, since the standard procedures up to more sophisticated processes:

  • - Control of entry and exit of people, vehicles and different objects;
  • - Security access systems to banks;
  • - Inspection and certification tickets in stadiums;
  • - Control of goods in transit;
  • - Control of vehicles and goods on loading platforms;
  • - Control of persons, vehicles, correspondence and parcels;
  • - Systems of control and automatic opening doors by proximity;
  • - Through authentication systems, smart cards or fingerprint, voice;
  • - Systems of control and verification of documentation;
  • - License plate reading systems for vehicle identification;
  • - Our customers ' key Guard.




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